Pictures from the Mac Expo '98
at the Jacob Javits Convention Center
on July 8, 1998

Arriving at the Jacob Javits Convention Center
33rd Street between 10th & 11th Avenue

and finally, the day has arrived

The first step - paying for admission

Creating your "badge" for the Expo

Here I'm taking a picture, with my Apple Quicktake 200,
of a person taking a picture, with a Sony digital "Mavica" camera!

Adobe's "web page" demonstration

The long awaited, Adobe "Photoshop 5.0" demonstration
(definitely worth the "upgrade".....
(IMHO- in my humble opinion)

Then it was time for lunch
across the street...

I mean, after all, what "else" would you want for lunch

I'm looking forward to the Mac Expo in San Francisco.
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